Beste Shany Cosmetics Eyeliner Pinsel

Beste Shany Cosmetics Eyeliner Pinsel 2020 – Die 10 Besten Shany Cosmetics Eyeliner Pinsel 2020

Shany Super Professional Brush Set with Leather Pouch

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  • 32 Piece all-natural makeup brushes
  • Superior quality
  • Leather pouch included

Our exclusively selected natural hair mineral makeup brushes will make a great addition to your collection. This complete collection of luxury makeup brushes includes the essential brushes used by professional makeup artists throughout the makeup world. These high end- high quality brushes are made of top quality goat & badger hair (very soft and silky), sable & pony hair, squirrel hair, raccoon hair and high grade nylon. These brushes are excellent for the use of concealers, foundation, and wet eyeliner. A large powder brush (ultra soft) is also included for the sheer application of face powder. The following items are included: ~Powder Brush for dusting loose or press powder on face or body. ~Large Contour Brush for expert application of cheek contour. ~Square Shadier Brush for shading and blending eye shadow. ~Large Sable Shadier Brush for applying and/or blending eye shadow. ~Small Sable Shadier Brush for applying emollient-base products. ~Lip Brush for professional style precision application of lipstick, lip glass, and lip conditioner. ~Eyeliner Brush has an extra-fine tip made with synthetic fibers for applying eyeliner. ~Mascara Brush for the application of mascara and sepa... [Weiterlesen]


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